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Robbie Aaron was born June 15, 1986 going 80 mph in a car on the expressway. He received his B.F.A. in painting at Wayne State University in 2016. His love affair with paint began at age 4, when he rendered a George Seurat pointillist painting in acrylic with q-tips. Highly influenced by the emotional and atmospheric paintings by the impressionists, Aaron optically layers his color palette characteristic of having astigmatism in the rain; vibrant and dancing.


Aaron’s paintings and sculptures explore themes of urban city life, both deconstructing and fragmenting aspects in a collage like manner. Aaron worked closely in the fashion industry for 12 years which led to multiple published photo shoots, cover images for local magazines, and runway shows. This influence can be seen in many of his works, where banal imagery of vacant models are longing to be seen. Collapsing electrical wires, crumbling architecture, and chipped paint evoking the feeling of graffiti can be found in many of his works, referencing his memories of growing up in poverty in Detroit. 


Robbie Aaron has been featured in numerous group shows including The Selfie Show at the Museum of New Art in Detroit, and was one of twelve artists featured in The Detroit Artist Market Wayne State University Scholarship Exhibition in 2016. 


Robbie currently lives and works in Michigan.

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